Model CNC-210
Wire Diameter 0.15~1.0mm
Max Spring O.D. 10mm
Max Spring Length 100mm
Max Production Rate 100pcs/min
Max Feed Length unlimited
Max Feed Speed 40M/min
Motor Capacity 0.75/0.75KW
Memory Steps 5000 Steps
Power 220V, 3Φ
Dimension(mm) 950*840*1740
Weight 380 kgs


Body Alignment : The body can be aligned by a cam activated support tool that pushes out the end.

Initial Tension : This is controlled by the depth of the cam activated coiling tool.

Straight Leg  Formation : It can be done by moving the coil tool up and down.

Two Types Of Cut Off : Rotational cutting and mandrel cut.

Turn Control : Magnetic touch sensor controls the number of turns precisely.

Four Step Separator : Assures precision intermittent motion at high speeds.

Two Grips : One grips over the body portion. The other is to insert a blade between the coils.

Synchronous Bending :  Bending both ends synchronously will give accurate end angles.

Automatic Selection : two sensors inspect both hooks and sort for good and bad springs.

Automatic stop function for operation by present counter, decoiler fail , invalid cut, magnetic touch and bad spring counter.